Specializing in hardwood production

     I have been involved in woodworking in different ways for 40 years. As a kid I was the "go-fer" for my dad as we built houses. 

     My high school project was building a bus stop building for the four people at our stop.  Later I started making floor lamps, multiple types of picture frames, then into wooden chandeliers.  I am still making furniture for our log home which is located in Wheeling, WV.  Oh, did I mention I built my own log home?  No, I didn't go into the woods and cut down the trees and hand hew them, it was a log package from Connecticut.  (see log home on main page

     I would make different things for Christmas gifts.  Then people started telling me that I should start marketing some of these things.  That led me to juring my lazy susans and piggy shaped cutting boards at the Tamarack in Beckley, WV.  I make many different types of lazy susans made with curly maple and curly cherry, curly red oak and walnut.  The maple piggy shaped cutting boards come in plain maple, curly maple and one with two pieces of cherry incorporated into its body.  (items can be seen in gallery)  These items are on my display rack either at the front door or in the wood department of the Tamarack.

     With the success at Tamarack, I decided to jury my products at MountainMade.com in Thomas, West Virginia.  I was accepted and my products are in their country store in downtown Thomas.  I also have product in the Picket Patch, also in Thomas, West Virginia.  Different styles are in these stores as not to duplicate. 

     I was also accepted into the gourmet shop at Oglebay Park Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia.  At this location I have lazy susans, pastry boards, rolling pins with wall mount holders and wine caddys. 

     What I enjoy the most, is making special items that can't be found in any retail shops.  One of kind items.  So if you have something in mind, let's brain storm and do it. 

     I like to use woods you don't see every day, like the curly and figured hard woods.  I do not paint my products.  I finish them naturally so you can see the wood.  These figured woods are beautiful with several coats of polyurethane applied.  I do not use any type of fillers, stains, or dyes.  Everything should look natural.  So if you want dark, then it's walnut, ebony, or cocobolo or some other dark wood. 

     All engravings are done by hand.  No machining or lasers.  There's just something about everything being done the old fashion way.  Don't get me wrong, I have a shop full of machines and hand tools.  If I did every part of the process the old fashion way, I'd grow old just making one lazy susan. 

     So if you have questions or problems, call me.  I don't know all the answers, but if I can help, I will.  

     Thanks for visiting.   Terry